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Josh and Tyler

At our foam business, founded by Tyler and Josh, we specialize in delivering unforgettable moments of foam-filled fun. With a passion for entertainment, we bring the thrill of boundless foam to events of all kinds. As dedicated owners, we also operate another venture, offering fire truck rentals, adding an extra touch of excitement to any occasion. Together, we are committed to creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on our valued customers.

The Fire Truck!

The 1994 Pierce Fire Engine has a rich history of service in multiple Texas fire departments. It was initially put into operation under the Houston Fire Department, where it dutifully served the community for numerous years. Later, it was sold to the Tawakoni Fire Department, where it continued its remarkable service before being decommissioned. Recently, it was acquired by Fire Truck Rentals of Atlanta. Over the years, the fire engine has battled and contained countless fires and has been instrumental in saving many lives.

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